Digital ecosystems for insurers: No one size fits all

Digital ecosystems are gaining relevance in insurance, and there are five lessons that insurers have learned so far.
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Digital ecosystems dominate headlines—as online worlds of experience that offer seamless access to a diverse set of products and services, as digital integrations of providers from different industries, and as real opportunities for insurers looking to expand their customer bases. By 2030, digital ecosystems will account for around €60 trillion in revenue worldwide, and the hopes attached to them are as vast as their potential.

Meanwhile, insurers are still questioning their role in and the impact of this transition. The German trade publication Versicherungsmonitor recently ran a story with the headline “Farewell to ecosystem dreams,” which says that many auto insurers have resigned themselves to playing only a marginal role in digital mobility worlds. Similarly, in a survey conducted among healthcare insurers, respondents saw themselves in the middle of the pack compared to other, more proactive ecosystem adopters.

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Author: Ulrike Deetjen


Article posted by Well-Redaktion

On 17.12.2021

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