Partnership with Réseau Delta in French-speaking Switzerland

Well is now working in partnership with Réseau Delta, the largest managed care network in French-speaking Switzerland. For Well this marks another important step towards the digitalisation and integrated networking of the Swiss healthcare system.
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Via the cooperation with Réseau Delta, the Well health app will in future provide people in French-speaking Switzerland with digital access to medical services and documents. Réseau Delta has locations in the cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Valais and Vaud. In addition to the founding partners CSS, Medi24, Visana, and Zur Rose, various other partners from a range of sectors within the healthcare system are already working with Well to break new ground. Around 4000 doctors are connected to Well and their numbers continue to expand.

Medical services, digitally streamlined
Anyone being treated by a doctor belonging to Réseau Delta will continue to benefit from further streamlining in the future. The digital exchange of documents between the practice and the patient via Well Medical Safe is already possible: documents are conveniently and securely exchanged and stored digitally between both parties. Further functionalities such as digital appointment making are currently being tested and could soon be available.

Simpler interfaces – more efficient processes
Well Gesundheit AG has reached another milestone on the journey to realising its ultimate vision: to achieve easier access to healthcare services across Switzerland and pioneer more efficient interfaces – paving the way for more cost-effective processes – within the healthcare sector. “Through the partnership with Réseau Delta, Well users in French-speaking Switzerland will benefit from digital simplifications in the future,” says Well CEO Alexander Bojer. “Well is expanding its partnerships all the time with the aim of putting health in the hands of app users. I am very excited about our next steps.”

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On 26.04.2022

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