Galenica and AEVIS VICTORIA take stakes in the Well digital health platform

As shareholders, Galenica and AEVIS will play leading roles in the further expansion of Well together with its four founding partners: CSS, Medi24, Visana and the Zur Rose Group.
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Galenica and AEVIS VICTORIA (AEVIS) are continuing the development of integrated and networked health care in Switzerland by joining the Well digital health platform. Thanks to Well, patients living in Switzerland can benefit from easy digital access to a growing network of service providers. The collaboration among these companies seeks to network service providers in the health care industry and unite Well’s digital services with the digital and in-patient offerings of Galenica and AEVIS (through its subsidiary Swiss Medical Network). It was agreed that the share purchase price will not be made public.

To advance integrated health care in Switzerland, Well is developing an open digital health platform in cooperation with health insurers, service providers and platform users. It is already possible for users to schedule pharmaceutical appointments with Amavita, Coop Vitality or Sun Store chemists, check symptoms against medical information, consult physicians online, schedule medical appointments or submit health documents. Offerings available on the Well app continue to expand.

The options provided by Well complement the services offered digitally and on an in-patient basis throughout Switzerland by the Galena Group and the Swiss Medical Network established by AEVIS. Well users will now enjoy even easier access to the existing offerings of both partners. In parallel, Well is also providing support to health care professionals, who can bring improved functionality and expanded data to their existing systems, booking appointments through Well and consulting the health data their patients make available via the app.

In the words of Lebrecht Gerber, Chair of Well’s Board of Directors, “Well users across Switzerland will profit from the wide range of offerings made possible through this partnership with Galenica and AEVIS. Well is the open health platform for everyone. We are very happy to be working with our new strategic partners. Together we share a vision of providing the Swiss people with straightforward andsecure digital access to health care”.

Marc Werner, Galenica Group CEO, stated, “We are pleased to be collaborating with Well and the platform’s other strong partners. This kind of networking involving patients, service providers and insurers is lighting the path to digital health care and beyond to innovative and easily accessible services”.

AEVIS / Swiss Medical Network
With access to the Swiss Medical Network, the leading private hospital group established by AEVIS, Well users will enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge medical infrastructure and first-class outpatient and inpatient care in all specialist areas and in all three of Switzerland’s language regions. The Swiss Medical Network includes 22 clinics and hospitals as well as 35 group-operated outpatient centres across 13 cantons, employing more than 2500 physicians and 4000 other health professionals.

Swiss Medical Network CEO Dino Cauzza affirms that “our new alliance with Well and its partners is an important milestone for us in continuing to meet the growing challenges of the health care sector. This powerful network offers patients digital convenience in managing their health care as well as access to leading medical services. We are elated to be part of this collaboration”.

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On 07.06.2022

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